Research, Development and Innovation

The research carried out at instrumental level during the last 25 years in the area of life sciences and food has generated a considerable volume of knowledge regarding the effect of diet on health. This has demonstrated that it is possible to prevent and improve various conditions via nutrition.

For MIGASA, health is social wellbeing and economic progress, owing to which for many years it has maintained a research and development strategy aimed at studying and placing on the market healthy products, within its line of business of production and marketing edible oils and fats.

Through the application of recent scientific advances and the incorporation of new technologies, MIGASA proposes, day after day, to take a technological leap forward in its activity and place innovative products on the market that, when incorporated in the diet of the population, contribute to an improvement in health and wellbeing via the prevention of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer.

Year by year, the budget that MIGASA dedicates to R&D&i increases and its collaborations with Public Administrations, Universities, Research Centres and companies in the agriculture and food sector are continuous. This is evidenced by our participation in a CENIT HIGEA project of the programme Ingenio 2010 with a budget of €14,000,000. Moreover, we are also working on an Impact Project, funded by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI, part of the Ministry of Science and Innovation) and another that forms part of the Technological Fund (Ministry of Education).

For MIGASA the objective of its R&D&i department can be summarised by:

1- Developing healthy new products aimed at reducing cardiovascular risk and which help to prevent cancer.

2- Adding value to the by-products of our raw materials.

3- Ensuring that the product conserves its properties throughout the production process.

4- Commitment with the environment: seeking production techniques that assist the sustainability of the environment.

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